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Wizard Wonky

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RELAX and watch us have fun

Children's party entertainer for Herefordshire

Any age, any event. All round Hereford, Ross on Wye, Ludlow, Kington, Forest of Dean, Malvern.

Wedding in Ross on Wye
Childrens event in Herefordshire
Castle Green, Hereford
Friendly Club in Tarrington
Wedding in Hereford
Hereford, Ross on Wye, Ledbury, Ludlow, Kington, Forest of Dean
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Completely WONKY. Great childrens party entertainer but only for age 9 Months to 90 years! Thoroughly enjoyed the show & I'm sure the kids did as well. They didn't shut up about Wizard Wonky for a fortnight. We certainly all RELAXED!
Stephen, Hereford
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Magic Show
I need someone to KEEP THEM entertained!
Lots of children's party fun, magic, balloon animals and comedy. It's the story of a real (but not very clever at magic) Wizard with a Wizard’s Hat and swirling Gown, who didn't listen in class! 3-4yr olds join in with Old MacDonalds Farm and will have more to say than I do! 5yrs+ will show me how my magic is supposed to work and will have a lively, interactive discussion!! Older kids get to make their own balloon animals, swords, hats, have a jousting session and a Pet & Mutant Show. We may even have time for Balloon Fireworks. You've not seen a show like this before - you'll love it too!
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Book these two shows - and that’s your whole 2 hour party sorted, with food in the middle!
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Musical Fun & Games Show
I want a party we'll all remember!
Book me for more fun with disco music & games
. Musical Statues has never been played like this because I cheat and win. Superman? I win again, but then I’m in control (?)! Hokey Cokey and other games. Not just a disco, I win everything - but we do share out the balloon animal prizes in the end. Lots of fun, I promise!
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£145 for a 45 min show. £95 for a second show. Facepainting £80 one hour, £120 for two, £180 for the day.

Book me NOW!

Pay your deposit here?
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Balloon Chaos Show
Please keep the WHOLE FAMILY happy!
From parties of 1 to 500 people, children from 5 to 105 years old, kids & adults - you'll all make a balloon animal in 10 seconds. And then the fun starts! From Mutant Pet Shows to Jousting with swords to Attack Mice! 45 minute party. Ideal for children & families or even groups of adults (?!). This special show has been used as Ice Breakers in small businesses, Hen Parties, Family Parties, as well as crowds of many hundreds at Festivals.
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Face Painting - all ages
Hi - I'm Ellen (or Elz or even Miss Wonky!).

I entertain the children with face painting! I don't spend hours doing the incredibly beautiful faces you can see at some events. I could - but do want to stand in a queue for an hour and a half? My face painting is exactly what the child wants - sometimes they only want a motif on their face or arm, sometimes they want the full face paint. Sometimes it's glitter paint or tattoos. They're always delighted!

I bring my own table and chairs and my Tropical Sunshade for outside events - so I look cool at big events! I am fully insured.

As I often work with Wizard Wonky at events, weddings, parties and fetes that's why I'm known as Miss Wonky. But I'm also Elz - the cool facepainter.
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Make it a special day for the kids too.
Weddings! They're different ages, over-dressed, don't know each other, tired ... and then there's the kids!

You need someone experienced, professional, highly recommended, who you can trust.

Someone the children will instantly like and who has lots of different ideas. Oh, and who is so modest ... well, it's my job!
Either book me for a show (prices shown on the right) - or more usually book me for the meal and the speeches (£350 for 3hrs).

Miss Wonky often helps me out with the younger ones (who may need extra attention), especially if there's more than a dozen or so children. She's also an excellent face painter but because they're usually dressed up she'll just paint small motifs on their cheeks. She's extra (prices on the right).

Older children love to help me with the younger ones - and even see some real magic - who knows?

Stories, games, magic, balloons - and more!

  • Old MacDonalds Farm with pictures and singing - and a magic, but naughty, cat.
  • Balloon Bonanza where they'll all learn to make their own Balloon Animals, hats and swords (even learn to joust!),
  • Musical games (which I win all of!),
  • A magical and funny Harry the Ghost story,
  • Colouring in Wizards for when they need a quiet five minutes
  • A Crazy Quiz
  • Wacky Races if the weather is good and the grounds safe. Can include Sack Race, Egg'n'Spoon Race, 3 Legged Race and more! Request this if you want it. Adults can join in!
A big variety of things to keep all ages and temperaments happy!

I suggest ...

ONE: First of all, book me a quarter of an hour before you need me so that I can wander and meet the children whilst they're still with their parents. They're not suddenly dumped on this strange man. The idea is for them not to want to keep running to Mummy - who is trying to relax, listen to speeches, perhaps even have a few drinks - in peace!

TWO: Often the children will eat with me in a separate room, sometimes they come to me as soon as they've finished eating with you, sometimes I sit with them in the main room at their own table. As soon as they get bored I can whisk them away and leave you and your guests to relax...


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Wizard Wonky, children's party entertainer, CRB checked & fully insured through Actors Equity - documents here. I cover the whole country but mainly Herefordshire (Hereford, Ludlow, Kington, Abergavenny, Monmouth, the Forest, Newent, Ledbury, Malvern, Bromyard). Many of the biggest UK firms and the best UK venues have had Wizard Wonky to their special events.